Sequence of Proposal Submittal Process:

  1. Preparation of PROPOSAL & PORTFOLIO documents and sending the email to

  2. Receival of emails until the 23rd of February.

  • All participants will receive a notification of the receival of their files.

  1. Follow up:

  • A committee will filter the emails received and only documents that are complete will be processed further

  • Complete documents will be evaluated based on idea, quality of works and alignment with the programmation of the IFRS. 

  • Participants that present an original idea that is inline with the programmation of 2022 will be contacted for a meeting with the cultural services department.

  1. Realization of projects:

  • Participants that have been contacted for follow up are  evaluated in depth and individually and asked for an interview or a presentation of their project along with a more developed proposal with budgeting and schedule.

  1. Approval Into the Calendar:

  • The final list of approved projects is placed into the IFRS calendar and a sequence of works is started according to what the project entails.



Important Notes:

  1. Incomplete or underdeveloped documents will not move further, so make sure your first email follows the guidelines stated. If you require support on preparing your portfolio or proposal then kindly contact the cultural services department at the IFRS.

  2. Submitting your documents automatically means that you allow the IFRS to examine your works, project, or personal information which you have provided. 

  3. The IFRS might want to support a project idea but requires the participant to go through training or a workshop to strengthen the proposal. 

Entering the Database of the IFRS:

  1. The IFRS aims to form a strong bond with the creative individuals it works with (i.e. artists, musicians, photographers, and filmmakers). The database is an archive of artists from various fields inclusive of their biographies and samples of work. The cultural services department uses this information to better understand the ongoing cultural scene in Sudan and to better access the community for a more equal opportunity distribution and a development oriented approach. Individuals that are in the database might be called to participate in various activities, workshops and training. 

  1. The Database is updated yearly through “The Cultural Call”.




Kindly note that sending an email to this opportunity means the following:

  1. You fully understand and agree to the information mentioned above and consent to the sharing of your provided information the IFRS.

  2. You understand that entering the Database (passing the first stage) does not necessarily mean that your project is approved for the calendar of the IFRS.

  3. All the information provided by you is true and updated.

  4. All the works in your portfolio are fully yours or you have full rights to represent them on behalf of your team.


Sample of a Portfolio (Artistic CV)

Sample of a General Proposal (All fields)